See Spot Chill Canine CBD Oil – Mighty Moose Flavor 15ml


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We know your dog is so much more than a pet – he or she is a friend and family member, too. This dietary supplement from Natural Pet Organics is specially made for dogs of all ages and sizes and harnesses the incredible powers of hemp. Our formula features a full spectrum hemp extract that’s undergone Ethanol extraction to maintain its purity and to be more effective. Use it twice daily, either dropping the oil on food or directly into your dog’s mouth. An eyedropper is included for easy dosing with no guesswork.

CALMING AID – Dogs can become anxious or stressed for many different reasons, and you may be at a loss at what to do. Hemp oil supplements have been shown to help keep animals calmer and less upset or nervous. Whether their anxiousness stems from traveling or separation anxiety, or is just their general nature, hemp oil is a great tool for soothing anxiety.

BETTER JOINT HEALTH – Watching your pet struggle with arthritis or mobility is hard, and, like you, we want to help in any way we can. Hemp seed oil has natural antiinflammatory properties that can ease swelling, pain and stiffness. This can benefit senior dogs as well as young pups with a medical condition or an injury.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS – We source premium, high-quality hemp grown in the USA that’s free of solvents, pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Our organic, vegan and non-GMO liquid supplement uses coconut oil as a carrier, which also allows the product to moisturize your dog’s skin.

NO SIDE EFFECTS – Our hemp seed oil doesn’t contain THC and won’t cause any psychoactive behavior. There are no known side effects, and it won’t upset your pet’s stomach or cause damage to organs or the GI tract. It’s completely safe and can make a real difference!

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